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It's your wedding day, your most cherished friends and family surround you whilst you commit to one another. I'm there, transcribing the moment from the altar to

my easel. As l paint, guests come behind me and watch as the once blank canvas begins to be transformed into a beautiful and artistic interpretation of your once in a lifetime day. 

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Wedding Ceremony.png

Starting from $450


Starting from $750

In this option l paint a scene from your ceremony, live at your ceremony, 

and finish the reminder of the painting in my art studio.

In this option l paint either a scene from your ceremony or reception. I'll continue this live painting, at the reception, in front of your guests.

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Screen Shot 2024-01-02 at 2.34.10 pm.png


Be it previous weddings, houses, your dearly beloved chickens, a Christmas card or anything in-between, if you want me to turn a picture into a painting l'd be honoured to do so. 



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